Maximize Your Revit Projects with Ideate Explorer 
Join Ideate Software for a one–hour webinar focused on maximizing your Revit projects. Come see an introduction into the power and productivity of Ideate Software. We will take your questions about Revit data management and show you ways to save time and increase accuracy on data editing and entry tasks. We will showcase each of our Ideate Software solutions using examples from our extended training classes. For more details, see descriptions below. Register today! Presentation will be in English. Click “Register Here” to view the event in other time zones.

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Date: Thursday, February 11, 2016
Time: 1:00pm AEST
Location: Online
Questions: Contact Ideate Software

In This Webinar We Will Learn More About →

Ideate Explorer 
Learn how to audit, review, and maintain the health of your Revit project. Find hidden CAD Imports and other culprits lurking in your Revit files that are impacting performance. Use Ideate Query to quickly find elements based on parameter values such as overridden dimensions or In-Place families.

Ideate BIMLink 
Learn how to edit the Revit data in Excel to manipulate data in Parameters, Sheets, Views, Rooms, & Families quickly in order to better manage your Revit projects. Extend the BIM Project team by using Excel to create and edit large amounts of data with ease.

Ideate Sticky 
Learn how to link Excel Spreadsheets into your Revit project allowing maximum graphic fidelity, and extending the BIM Project team.

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