San Francisco, CA, May 12, 2021 – Ideate Software, an Autodesk® AEC Industry Partner and Autodesk® Authorized Developer, is pleased to announce its collaboration with Surbana Jurong. Headquartered in Singapore, Surbana Jurong is a global urban, infrastructure and managed services consulting firm that offers a full suite of multidisciplinary consultancy services across multiple sectors.

“We at Ideate Software are pleased to be associated with such a prestigious company,” said Richard Taylor, Technical Evangelist, Ideate Software. “Surbana Jurong and subsidiary companies, SAA Architects, Robert Bird Group, and SMEC subscribe to our Enterprise offering of all five Ideate Software solutions available for each Revit user within their organizations.”

Recently, Surbana Jurong provided an example of how they used Ideate BIMLink to reduce the time they spent creating 361 Revit sheets from 24 hours to just three minutes. 

“Sheet creation is essential for most BIM projects. Conventionally, a BIM modeler would create sheets in Revit, typing the information manually, one by one. Each sheet could take about three minutes,” said Tang Minjing, Executive BIM Manager, Surbana Jurong. “Automating the process with Ideate BIMLink reduces the time to just seconds. Here are the four simple steps that save us hours of time.”

  1. Create the Ideate BIMLink link definition with the required properties (30 seconds)
  2. Export the data to Microsoft Excel and fill in the information (20 seconds to export the data. Time spent filling in the Excel spreadsheet varies.)
  3. Import the updated information into Ideate BIMLink (30 to 60 seconds)
  4. Create new Sheets and Select the Title Block (30 to 60 seconds)


“We are honored that Ideate BIMLink eliminates a time-consuming task and allows Surbana Jurong to focus on critical design and engineering,” said Richard.

Learn more and see screen shots of each step by reading the whole story on our website

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