Auditing Revit projects is critical, but probably not a favorite task for many. Fortunately, with Ideate BIMLink, engineers can quickly check data, verify accuracy, and make necessary changes, so they can confidently get back to the more interesting aspects of their jobs. 

Ideate BIMLink users, including those who are not Revit users, use the software to pull Revit model data into Excel for easy auditing and editing, and then push the verified data back into Revit to update the model. 

Below is information on how much time our users reported saving. 

Tasks: Auditing Analytical Columns, Structural Framing, and Rebar Shape Data 

Ideate BIMLink ROI

Calculate Your Return on Investment

Do you need to determine the value of Ideate BIMLink to your company? Here’s how: 

  1. Review the above chart above and additional related data to understand how much time can be saved by using Ideate BIMLink for various tasks
  2. Compare that amount of time to the number of projects you have and your software purchase price

ROI Examples

Here are two examples. For simplicity’s sake, these examples assume you save four hours per project. Because our customers reported an average savings of 32 hours per project on the tasks featured in this blog post alone, your payback will likely be much higher.

  1. Single Standalone License
    A single standalone license of Ideate BIMLink costs approximately US$795. If you have 20 projects per year and save four hours per project, you’ll save 80 hours per year. According to the 2020 Economic Research Institute, the average Structural Engineer’s salary is about $99K per year. Assuming a corresponding hourly rate of $48 (which would exclude overhead), you will have a payback (over covering software costs) of more than US$3000 each year. 
  2. Network Licensing
    For larger firms, network licensing can deliver an even higher return on investment. For example, the cost of a single seat is about $2,000 per year. Assuming that you save four hours per project, pay a higher burdened salary rate of $59, and have 50 projects, you will have a payback of more than US$9,800 per year. 

Learn More

We have several resources available online that can help you get the most out of Ideate BIMLink:

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This post is the 11th in a series related to the results of our survey of architecture, engineering, construction, and building-owner companies. Our previous posts covered the time savings reported by using Ideate BIMLink to:

  1.  Manage Revit sheets 
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  3. Swap structural framing instances
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  5. Compile quantity takeoffs, assign assembly codes, and swap types
  6. View and revise tasks
  7. QA/QC doors, hardware, and other elements
  8. Extract/Import coordinate data and confirm level and grid information
  9. Perform general data management tasks
  10. Manage Interior Finish Data and Generate Plumbing Fixture Counts

Keep an eye out for our next blog post, and check out our Ideate BIMLink ROI web page, where we separated the all the time-savings data by discipline.

Contact us if you have any questions. We look forward to hearing from you. 

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