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Your complete resource to master Ideate BIMLink

Getting Started

Take the first steps and understand the basics

Using Ideate BIMLink

All about links, Revit properties, exporting and importing data between Revit and Excel

Working in Excel

Make your BIM data accessible to non-Revit users or use the power of Excel to automate many data management tasks

How to…

More advanced workflows to save you countless hours of menial tasks, as well as for project management, QC and other Ideate tools interoperability 


For when you need that extra bit of help to get you going again

Ideate BIMLink — Overview on Data Management

Watch this seven-minute video to learn how to quickly and easily manage Autodesk Revit type-based and instance-based data in Excel with Ideate BIMLink.
Learn how to:

  1. Select the categories of instance data in Revit to review
  2. Create an instance link
  3. Define the list of properties to export
  4. Use BIMLink to export the data from Revit into Excel for editing
  5. Use BIMLink to import the data back into Revit.

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