Richard Taylor, Technical Evangelist, Ideate Software

Ideate Software’s Technical Evangelist Richard Taylor is a renowned expert in AECO industries and technology. Before joining Ideate Software 8 years ago, he worked for Intergraph, Bentley, and Autodesk, and he was part of the original development of Revit while at Revit Technology Corporation. You can see Richard on our webinars where he leads informative sessions on our Revit add-in solutions. He also stays connected with the AECO community by attending and presenting at many industry trade shows and conferences. You can read his predictions for 2023 in an article featured within a blog post by AECCafe Weekly, a leading portal that delivers the latest AEC industry commentary, news, product reviews, articles, event information, and resources from a single, convenient point.

“I was thrilled to be asked to share my point of view with readers of AECCafe,” said Richard. “We are living in such interesting times, and it is exciting to take a look at the trends of the past couple of years and discuss how they will shape the way we work going forward.”

Find Richard on Twitter and LinkedIn.