Customers and prospective customers joined us on February 4, 2020 in San Francisco, CA to learn about Ideate Software tools. We were pleased to host the two sessions at Autodesk Gallery, a top destination according to Wired magazine and the San Francisco Chronicle featuring dozens of exhibits that show how companies use new technology to imagine, design and create. 

SF Seminar
Ideate Software’s Sash Kazeminejad leading a discussion

Customer Session

Following a networking breakfast, Ideate Software’s Customer Success Manager Sash Kazeminejad discussed new features included in the November 2019 release of IdeateApps and Ideate BIMLink with customers.

New IdeateApps features include:

  • Improved searching
  • Enhanced batch editing
  • Improved sheet composition
  • The ability to multi-select unplaced views and turn them into sheets; rename sheets, numbers and views; do odd and even numbering; copy and paste legends across multiple sheets; customize a view/sheet browser for individual team members

New Ideate BIMLink features include:

  • “Beyond Schedules” folder
  • A customizable home page
  • The ability to create more elements from Excel
  • Methods for easy-to-deploy standardized network-hosted content

After the presentation on the November 2019 features and improvements, we reviewed some upcoming improvements to our current software titles as well as development ideas.

Prospective Customer Session

After a lunch for attendees of both sessions, prospective customers and some existing customers that don’t subscribe to all our products joined us for the afternoon session. Over two hours, we provided an overview of all five of our products, highlighted some workflows and demonstrated how the products in the Ideate Software ecosystem work together. We also listened as Revit users discussed their “wish lists” of additional functionality. 

Positive Feedback

“Participation at both sessions was great,” said Sash. “The discussions included challenges with Revit software, creative workarounds used by some people to get around those challenges, and how Ideate Software tools actually address them.”

Ideate Software’s Moe Kress and Rahul Verma welcoming attendees

Several people commented that the presentations were “great” and “informative,” and one person said, “I had no idea that Ideate BIMLink was capable of some of the workflows demonstrated. I may change my current workflow and try using Ideate BIMLink instead.”


We regularly discuss our products at virtual and in-person events. Visit our Events page for details.