We here at Ideate Software have experienced Revit add-in ownership issues with Revit's main window: For Revit 2018, when a modeless add-in is closed, Revit does not retain its focus. With some experimentation, we found that the application that had focus before Revit is the one that gains focus after the modeless add-in is closed. 

To help users keep Revit focused and on top when working with a modeless form, I documented:

  • The issues
  • Resolutions
  • Code examples

You can find them in The Building Coder blog post, Modeless Form Keep Revit Focus and On Top, by Jeremy Tammik. Jeremy works with the Forge Partner Development team on Autodesk APIs and web services.

For more tips, tricks, and lessons learned, visit the Ideate Software blog.

About the Author

Hank DiVincenzo - Senior Software Engineer
Hank has been a Software Engineer for over 18 years. With a Bachelor's degree in Computer Engineering, he has developed applications for a variety of companies, including Sequent Computers, IBM, Intel, and iMove. The application domains developed range from Computer System Control, Wireless Networks, and Immersive 360° Video, developing in both Linux and Windows environments. Most recently before coming to Ideate, Hank worked on Immersive 360° Video applications used for Situational Awareness within the National Security Agency and Department of Defense. 



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