You may have heard that Autodesk® Revit®  2019 includes the addition of the variable “or” to view filters. This gives users greater control over view graphics by enabling them to create view filters with multiple rules and nested sets with AND and OR conditions. This feature was the most requested change suggested to Autodesk!

Revit Filter Dialog

Autodesk screen shot reprinted courtesy of Autodesk, Inc.

If you’ve always wanted to use this same filtering but with schedules, you should check out Ideate BIMLink, which has offered sophisticated filtering since 2014.

The ability to use “or” for filters is essential to Ideate BIMLink’s support of quality control, quantity takeoff, and other similar processes when casting a broader data ‘net’ is useful. In the image below, for example, unchecking the “Elements Must Pass All Filters” lets Ideate BIMLink look for Design Option content that is either in the Main Model or in the Primary.

Ideate BIMLink Filter Dialog

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Glynnis Patterson, NCARB – Director of Software Development
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