Since the launch of Ideate ReNumber for Revit, several customers have come to us with their unique renumbering challenges. One of those has been curtain panels, which present challenges because they need to be numbered in a way that reflects their relative location, and yet they don’t belong to a room or space. This task is one of the many that Ideate ReNumber can handle. Because other people may find the solution valuable, we created this short video called: IdeateApps ReNumber Tool — Advanced Numbering: Curtain Panels. In the example, we walk you through the steps to quickly renumber clear glass curtain panels on three floors while ignoring the spandrel panels. With this information, you will be able to easily customize the process to meet your specific needs.

Ideate ReNumberIdeate ReNumber for Revit plays an important role in model management for our virtual design and construction customers. It provides a way to efficiently document building elements—such as curtain panels—with logical numbering schemas, bringing clarity to construction and fabrication. It is part of our IdeateApps for Revit collection of tools designed to simplify the tasks that daily Revit users perform most often.

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