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Recently, we heard from a customer who couldn’t save their Ideate BIMLink link definitions to their model. The log file informed us that another user had ownership of the storage data workset containing the Ideate BIMLink data.

Error Message - Relinquish Workshared Model
This error message shows that the element is still owned within the central model.

To correct the problem, the customer needed to relinquish the data storage workset owned by the user.

A quick Google search revealed the four-step solution from Autodesk on how to relinquish the ownership of model elements:

  1. Click the Collaborate tab > Manage Model panel > Mange Cloud Models
  2. Select Autodesk Docs project
  3. Select a model, click Actions, and then Relinquish
  4. Select the user from whom you want to relinquish elements, and click Relinquish

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