Recently we had the honor of hosting a panel discussion featuring four professionals with extensive experience providing BIM consulting services to companies in the architecture, engineering, construction and owner (AECO) space: 

Before the webinar, we solicited questions from our customers and prospective customers, and we were thrilled that the panelists were able to address many of those as well as some others asked during the call, including:

  • What are some of the greatest challenges you see with technology and BIM? 
  • What trend, technology or workflow do you see gaining traction in the next few years? 
  • How do we efficiently deal with varying owner BIM requirements? Do we need a standard?

If you use BIM, you will find this 1-hour discussion worth your time. Listen in for information on the evolution of BIM, insight into its current state and anticipated trends, and guidance on how to fully leverage BIM to gain significant advantages.


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