To allow Ideate Software customers to easily deploy and manage our software applications across their organizations, we recently created Ideate Software Installer.

Ideate Software Installer: 

  1. Installs and updates all Ideate Software solutions with one click
  2. Easily standardizes licensing across all products at the same time
  3. Allows you to create deployments packages for different user types (e.g., general users and BIM managers) across your organization

ISI works by installing all the MSIs located in the ‘IdeateInstallers’ folder, regardless of any version already on the target PC. You have the option of using the manual mode, which install all versions of all products, or customizing the installation to only the versions and products you use. 

Watch this short video for the details, instructions, demonstrations, and customer Q&A, and then download it today!



About the Author

Jan Sako – Support and Q/C Manager 
Jan has been supporting Ideate Software customers with installations and deployments for seven years. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Communications. He brings extensive experience in customer issue resolution and general IT troubleshooting. His other passions are green technologies, specifically reuse and recycling, and various other environmental initiatives. Jan previously worked within the sustainability movement in the San Francisco Bay Area. Currently, Jan represents Ideate’s UK office.