Do you and your team spend too much time trying to figure out why an element is invisible in certain views in your Revit projects? The reason that it’s so time-consuming is because Revit allows a dizzying array of sophisticated options to display or hide elements within the building information model. We here at Ideate Software have uncovered more than 50 ways to hide an element! Revit out-of-the-box capabilities are limited for diagnosing visibility issues. Ideate XRay is the answer!

Ideate XRay will quickly search through the 50+ potential causes, identify the reasons the elements are invisible, and allow you to correct the problem. Within moments, your elements are visible, and you can get back to modeling.

Want to see some demonstrations? Watch the recording of the 30-minute webinar.

Here are some comments from people who attended the webinar:

  • “I am one of the main people in our office that others come to in order to ‘find’ those elements that are hidden. I have to run through all of these possibilities each time. Great to know that we have something they can start to use to solve their own issues.”
  • “This is a very important topic. This issue can take hours of troubleshooting from the BIM Support teams and delay the modeling work of the design team. In addition, this tool can help to find elements that were incorrectly hidden in view by inexperienced users and can create an issue when delivering the model to clients, since these elements can have an impact on the data collection effort.”
  • "Yes, this is a very useful tool, not just in troubleshooting, but in raising awareness of the layering of issues that happen when designers are not checking various settings when modeling.”

In addition to this webinar recording, please review our recent Blog Article post on the Ideate XRay Selection Wizard.

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About the Author

Richard W. Taylor, Associate AIA – Technical Evangelist 
Richard has more than 30 years of experience working for companies that develop architectural and engineering software solutions, such as Intergraph, Bentley, and Autodesk. He has over 20 years of Revit experience, and he was part of the original development of Revit while at Revit Technology Corporation. He worked for 12 years at Autodesk, where he presented, taught, and worked to improve features in Revit. Richard holds both a Bachelor of Science in Architectural Studies and Master of Architecture from the University of Nebraska, Lincoln. As Technical Evangelist, Richard works with AECO clients worldwide, developing and consulting on BIM solutions. Find Richard on Twitter and LinkedIn.