We were pleased to welcome our guest host, Gavin Crump, Owner and Consultant at BIM Guru in Sydney, Australia. Gavin has more than 10 years of experience as a BIM user, coordinator, manager and enthusiast, and he makes and shares videos as the Aussie BIM Guru on YouTube.

In this webinar, Ideate Software’s Sash Kazeminejad demonstrated specific workflows using Ideate Software products while Gavin demonstrated the same workflows using Dynamo.

Here are some comments made by attendees:

  • These are two of the best Revit presenters in the business. No fluffing, no waffling, just straight into it. We are all busy these days, and this webinar didn't disappoint. 
  • It was great to see the two approaches in comparison.  
  • Nice work all around....heavy topics. The presentation went smoothly and was fun to watch.

Here’s a link to the recording. View it and share it with others you think would benefit from the discussion.


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