Here's an oldie but a goodie that surfaced on tech support this week. Dilemma:  I've used a line style called "Redline-Markup" to mark up my project in multiple views and now I need to make sure they are all deleted before I print the bid set. How can I find them all? Selecting all the detail or model lines within a project is a great use of Ideate Explorer. Explorer can help you find them by View or throughout the model, whether they are hidden or not. In this instance we used Ideate Explorer's Search: field to search for all of the "Redline-Markup" elements in the entire project. Ideate Explorer reported back 52 lines: 48 Detail Lines and 4 Model Lines. I then selected both Detail and Model Lines from the Results window and the OK button. Back in Revit I selected thePurging Redlines fig 1button from the Modify panel under the Modify tab in Revit. Now the project is ready for printing.

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Selecting Lines in Ideate Explorer

For more information on how Ideate Explorer can help you audit Model and Detail Lines in a project file select the link below to watch this video from our YouTube channel: Ideate Explorer Production Tasks

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