BIM Support Specialist Laura Kay Smith, Kasian Architecture, Interior Design and Planning, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, inspired the creation of a new workflow using Ideate BIMLink--the development of Room Data Sheets for facilities planning. Now the Vancouver Kasian office is spearheading the use of Ideate BIMLink and the Data Sheet as a matter of firm-wide policy for every Integrated Project working with Strategic Facilities Planning.

Kasian invested about $1,800 on software solutions. The firm values associated training and deployment costs in hours at $3,200. Grand total expenditure to enhance collaboration, facilitate coordination, drastically minimize error and enable better decision making earlier with Ideate BIMLink: $5,000.

Ideate BIMLink routinely helps Kasian Architects and Functional Programmers figure out project space requirements. And, Ideate BIMLink feeds the Data Sheets for Kasian projects.

According to Smith, "In the past, we did all the Room data and qualifications by hand, which cost us expensive time. With our new standard that brings in Ideate BIMLink at the beginning of Integrated Projects, we save immeasurable time and money. Of the functionality at the beginning, designers are apt to have less re-design."

As Brigid Barriscale, Kasian Strategic Facilities Planning Manager explains, "When the Strategic Facilities Planning Department used to check data sheets by hand, it took two to three weeks. With Ideate BIMLink, it takes more like two to three hours."

Smith compares the former method that required two weeks of SFP analysts' time versus using only two hours for every project. If the firm averages only 10 projects per year, that uses only 20 hours instead of 20 weeks. And as Smith adds, "There is a lot less chance for error. We are checking with Excel, not by hand."

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