Recently, a customer with advanced Revit skills contacted us with a challenge. She needed to renovate a completed project that had lived in the archives for years. She knew what to do:

  • Select the view and use the Save to New File method to export the model only.
  • Bring the file into a new model using the current template.
  • Remove all demolished content from the original
  • Bring the exported model into a new model and get everything correct on the existing phase.

This worked like a charm with one exception. She created a view to show demo only, but then couldn’t delete the created demo walls when a new door was inserted into an existing wall without the host wall being deleted.

She wanted to quickly and easily find all the new doors and windows hosted by existing walls, and was hoping to avoid the tedious search process of changing the phase to existing. She asked if Ideate Software could help.

This short video provides step-by-step instructions using Ideate Explorer and Ideate Query to solve the problem.  

“Being able to dig into the data and find only the new elements that are hosted within existing walls was a perfect challenge for Ideate Query,” said Glynnis Patterson, Director of Software Development. “Ideate Query is an incredibly powerful data-mining tool that is included within Ideate Explorer.” For those who want to learn more about this tool, the online Ideate Query Help suggests several discipline-specific examples.

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