We are pleased to present this article highlighting how Ideate Explorer is used by Modmation, a leading BIM consultancy providing independent consulting services to the AECO industry.  

Thank you, Holger de Groot, CEO and Founder of Modmation, and Maciej Wypych, CTO and Co-Founder of Modmation, for sharing.  

Holger De Groot, Modmation Maciej Wypych, Modmation
Holger de Groot, CEO and Founder, Modmation Maciej Wypych, CTO and Co-Founder, Modmation


With over 30 years of combined experience in the design and construction of buildings worldwide, Modmation's goal is to help architects, engineers, contractors, owners, and operators design, plan, build and operate projects more efficiently.

Modmation and Ideate Explorer

Here are some examples of how Modmation streamlines model auditing with Ideate Explorer, a software tool for managing and organizing data within Autodesk Revit.

“By using Ideate Explorer, we can improve the accuracy and efficiency of our BIM audits, ensuring that our clients receive high-quality results,” said Holger.

Ideate Explorer enables Modmation to perform tasks such as auditing, cleaning, and modifying Revit data. As a result, Ideate Explorer saves time and reduces the risk of errors in the design and construction process. This not only improves the quality of Modmation consulting services but also saves time and reduces costs for their clients, who can rely on Modmation to deliver accurate and efficient audits.

One specific example of how the Ideate Explorer – Warnings Manager tool creates value is during the auditing process. The Warnings Manager can quickly identify and report any issues or discrepancies in the Revit data, such as missing elements, incorrect properties, or broken links. This helps Modmation to quickly identify and resolve any potential issues in the BIM process, ensuring that their clients receive accurate and comprehensive audits.

Ideate Explorer and Modmation

“By using Ideate Software solutions, Modmation is delivering value to clients by providing high-quality BIM auditing services that help design, plan, build, and operate projects more efficiently,” said Maciej. “Additionally, by streamlining our auditing process with Ideate Explorer – Warnings Manager, we can quickly identify and report any potential issues in the BIM process, ensuring that our clients receive the best possible outcome for their projects.”