RevitForum deserves the support of the entire Autodesk® Revit® using community.

At Ideate, we are convinced Revit Forum is far more than informative reading. It's where some of the most talented Revit users around the world give their valuable time and extensive knowledge generously. It's free to any and all Revit-using professionals who simply ask for help. It's an indispensable contribution to the AEC community.

Revit Forum is also highly relevant. It helps us get the most out of Revit, saves us time and money, and adds to our individual and collective knowledge.

Your give, we match Ideate is committed to supporting this important knowledge base. We know Revit Forum is self-funded. The org needs to raise $3000 every year just to keep the site up and running. They still need funding to reach their 2013 goal. So here is what Ideate is committed to do.

Matching gift deadline: July 11, 2013 Ideate will match up to a total of $1000 of all donations from June 26, 2013 until the Revit Technology Conference North America on July 11, 2013. Every dollar you contribute becomes two with this matching program.

So please join Ideate in this fundraising effort and donate today.  Send a copy of your donation receipt to [email protected] and we'll ensure that your contribution counts towards this matching program.

RevitForum is an independent and non-profit discussion group, for everyone passionate about Autodesk Revit software. RevitForum is independent of Autodesk, Inc., and is not authorized by, endorsed by, sponsored by, affiliated with, or otherwise approved by Autodesk, Inc.

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