Xray of ankle

When you see Ideate’s president, Bob Palioca, you see a man energized about helping the Architect, Engineering, Construction, and Owner (AECO) community fully realize the benefits of BIM. You don’t see the 10 pins that hold his ankle together.

Because of x-ray technology, Bob’s doctors were able to identify the extent of his injuries and determine the treatment that would help him heal quickly, with the highest degree of functionality and the least amount of pain. They were also able to easily keep an eye on things as his recovery progressed, making sure that his ankle indeed healed correctly. Without x-rays, his doctors would have been forced to evaluate his injuries by direct examination, as throughout much of history, making treatment less effective, and leaving more room for re-injury.

The challenges doctors would have to face without x-rays are arguably similar to those that Revit users face when they can’t see an object in a certain view. Ideate XRay is the solution. It gives you the information you need to do your job better, faster, and more precisely.

With Ideate XRay, you’ll no longer spend valuable time trying to figure out why an object in your Revit file isn’t visible in a certain view. Instead, you’ll use this powerful tool from Ideate Software to search through more than 50 reasons an element may be invisible and identify the one creating the problem for you. Here is a small sample of the issues that Ideate XRay reveals:

  1. Sections set to display a certain type of element (e.g., Mechanical) within a view set to display a different type (e.g., Structural)
  2. Missing grids associated with a Scope Box
  3. Dimensions hidden because of annotation crops
  4. Elements hidden because of an incorrectly set scale

With the information at your fingertips, you’ll quickly make corrections and move on to more interesting and less frustrating activities.

Ideate XRay is a part of our new IdeateApps collection of tools designed for the everyday Revit user. Learn more about these tools and download a free trial of IdeateApps. Experience how they’ll decrease the time you spend on common tasks and increase the accuracy of your BIM data, helping to keep your projects on time and on budget.