Ideate QuickSelect allows you quickly find, select, and manipulate Revit elements. Unlike the Revit project browser, which is a library of objects that can be in your Revit project, Ideate QuickSelect is a model browser that shows you the objects that are there, even those not easily visible within the model, whether in an Active view or anywhere else within your Revit project.

IdeateApps QuickSelect offers an easy and efficient solution to eliminate duplicate types within a project. Without Ideate QuickSelect, this can be quite a challenge, because Revit software doesn’t offer an easier way to find the duplicates, and can lead to error-prone results.

Follow the instructions in this Find Revit Elements with Ideate QuickSelect video to see how you can quickly find the duplicate types and swap them out with the right family type. The video features a rectangular duct as an example, but the process is the same for all elements.

About the Author

Vasudha Dixit

Vasudha Dixit – MEP Application Specialist
Vasudha is an MEP Application Specialist at Ideate, Inc. based on San Francisco office. She has a Master’s degree in Energy Engineering from the University of Illinois at Chicago where she specialized in HVAC design, green buildings and energy analysis. Prior to Ideate, she interned at a few multinational companies where she performed finite element analysis for design validation of components. Vasudha provides Revit MEP training and support for various AEC firms