Recently I had the opportunity to meet in person with many of our customers and partners at London Build Expo 2022, an award-winning show widely viewed as one of the best construction exhibitions in the world.

The conference featured 500+ speakers sharing insight on topics of interest to senior-level decision-makers, buyers, and influencers from across the UK’s built environment. This free event delivered networking and learning opportunities to discuss key issues, talk about trends, and gain inspiration.

Ideate Software at London Build

Here is information on two of the talks I attended:

  • Virtual Collaboration – Have we changed the way we work?
    A panel of experts, including representatives from Ideate Software customers, shared tips on how to improve internal and external collaboration, productivity, efficiency, and standardisation.
  • Unlocking Opportunities – Digitally Transforming the UK’s Construction Industry
    At this standing-room-only event, panellists discussed how the UK needs to embrace digital tools, skills, and capabilities to move the industry forward. Themes included:
    • “Digital transformation” can mean a quick revolution of an organisation’s processes, but the term “digitalisation” suggests moving to digital technologies and processes in a structured way over time
    • People, process, technology—in that order—are the key areas in effectively digitalising an organisation; creating the right culture is critical to lead a behavioural change.
    • “We have always done it this way,” won’t work moving forward
    • All processes/workflows need to be reviewed to see if there is a more efficient digital way 
    • The investment may seem daunting, but organisations cannot keep putting it off

Take-Aways for Ideate Software

Events like this are always a good use of our time, because can we learn about areas of high importance to leaders in AEC industries and then use that knowledge to continue to stay relevant to our customers. 

A lesson from this event for Ideate Software is that process-based technical training and adoption of software tools over a consistent period is what leaders are looking for, so they can free their teams from daily mundane tasks and give them more time to focus on the creative tasks they enjoy more.

About the Author

Nick JohnsNick Johns, UK/EMEA Territory Lead
Nick joined Ideate Software in 2021 after being a customer and advocate of our company and products for many years. He brought extensive experience gained while in sales and sales manager roles at several companies in the United Kingdom, including Graitec, Excitech, Cats Group, Hobs Group and Xerox Business Services. When not working, Nick can be found running, coaching football, and enjoying music, wine, and traveling. Find Nick on LinkedIn