It’s here! Our spring 2017 versions of Ideate Explorer for Revit, which include the new 2018 version and enhancements to the features of Ideate Explorer 2017 and 2016. These solutions are designed to work with Autodesk Revit 2015, 2016, and 2017, and the timing of the updates aligns with the Autodesk launch of Revit 2018.

Ideate Explorer is a powerful Revit model management tool. With it, Revit users automatically search for, filter, quantify, index, and select any and all elements—even ‘missing’ and hard to find ones—in a current view or an entire Revit file.

Watch this video to learn about the new time-saving features of Ideate Explorer, including:

  • New Workflows
    • Family Editing changes make it easy for users to determine whether a Reference is strong or insignificant
    • Nested Element and Model Group data changes let users easily exclude nested elements or groups from a selection set, so they can review and edit other properties
  • New Save and Load selection sets buttons give users easy access to Revit software’s saved selection tools, enhancing auditing and quality control processes
  • Improved Revit multi-stair object (2018 only)
  • The ability to use Ideate Explorer with Perspective View (2018 only)

Ready to install the new version? If you are on subscription or maintenance, simply go to the Help menu and click the “Check for Updates” option. If you’re not on subscription or maintenance, contact your Ideate Software partner or sales representative.

Don’t have Ideate Explorer yet? Download a free trial today.

For more information on our Revit software add-ins that help customers get the most out of their Revit software, visit the homepage of our website or contact your authorized Ideate Software partner.