We are pleased to once again have the opportunity to connect with people who design, build, operate, and maintain our built environment at the BILT Americas conference. Attendees of this three-day event held June 14 - 16 in Anaheim, California, will choose from more than 90 sessions, all focused on the use of best-in-class tools, processes and workflows, behaviors, and leadership. 

When registering, be sure to sign up for “Are Your Revit Templates and Standards a Little Old and Crusty?” and “Demystifying Datums and Scope Boxes Within Revit,” by our Technical Evangelist Richard Taylor. 

While at the conference, stop by booth #716 to meet the Ideate Software team, discuss your Revit challenges, and learn about our plugins that solve persistent Revit challenges.

Session Summaries

Are Your Revit Templates and Standards a Little Old and Crusty? 

BIM managers, project managers, BIM standards committee members, and end users in charge of creating and maintaining Revit project and template standards will appreciate the lessons on strategies and tactics for managing Revit standards without giving up the control needed to maintain quality. You’ll learn about: 

  • The importance of quality standards
  • Content and settings that should be part of Revit templates and families
  • How styles, such as object style subcategories, fill patterns, viewports, etc. can find their way into projects
  • Dangers of brute-force cleaning and purging
  • Revit template cleaning techniques 

Richard Taylor - Ideate SoftwareDemystifying Datums and Scope Boxes Within Revit

Grids, levels, and reference planes are the backbone of a good building information model.  As designers, we use a whole series of annotative elements that help us understand and navigate through a complex web of 2D and 3D element connections. Datums such as grid lines and reference planes can seriously impact Revit geometry and Revit views and are often driven by scope boxes and other non-intuitive elements. After completing the session, you will have a better understanding of: 

  • How datums such as grid lines and reference planes can impact geometry and elements in 2D and 3D views
  • How scope boxes within Revit can control specific view information as well as datum information
  • View references and data that can be constructed within the family environment that may impact datum information
  • How to clean up, quality control, and review datum information

We hope to see you at the BILT Americas conference this June!


Ideate Software Around the World

If you will not be in California during the BILT Americas conference but want to connect with Ideate Software, you will have plenty of other opportunities over the next several months. Come see us virtually or in person to experience first-hand how our plugins for Revit streamline workflows, improve collaboration, and help Revit users around the world deliver better designs faster.

Below is some information about some upcoming conferences where we will be exhibiting and presenting. More events will be added to our schedule, so keep an eye on the Events page on our website.

  • Event: London Revit User Group Meeting
    Date: April 19, 2022
    Location: Live and Online
    Description: The London Revit User Group (LRUG) meets every other month to promote peer-to-peer support and networking for Revit users, both current and potential.

    Steve Deadman, our UK/EMEA Customer Success Manager, will be a presenter at the April meeting. He will discuss Revit parameters, including how and when to use shared and project parameters as well as some of the new features in Revit related to parameters, such as global parameters, project-shared and family-shared parameters in key schedules, and new parameters unit types.
  • Event: Advanced Revit Model Health Checks Webinar – UK/EMEA
    Date: June 14, 2022
    Location: Online
    Description: Revit model health is important. As models grow, they get more complex. As deadlines approach and more people are added to the design team, it can be tempting to let a focus on modelling and drafting standards slip to the wayside. Unfortunately, this practice can lead to unhealthy, bloated models that become difficult to work with and full of warnings and unused or improperly used data.

    This webinar, which will be led by Steve Deadman, our UK/EMEA Customer Success Manager, and Nick Johns, our UK/EMEA Territory Lead, is scheduled at a time convenient for those in the UK/EMEA region and will be recorded. The link to the recording will be included in a related blog post about a week after the event, so those that can’t attend the webinar can benefit as well. Attend it to learn how to use Ideate Software plugins for Revit to:
    • Perform QA and QC on various categories of Revit models
    • Review and address Revit warnings
    • Review, merge or eliminate unwanted styles
    • Ensure models are organized
  • Event: BIM Coordinators Summit 
    Date: September 8, 2022
    Location: Dublin, Ireland and Virtual
    Description: We are the Gold Sponsors of the 2022 BIM Coordinators Summit, which celebrates BIM Coordinators, BIM Managers, Information Managers, and AEC professionals responsible for producing, managing, and coordinating information about buildings and infrastructure. 

    Our UK/EMEA Customer Success Manager, Steve Deadman, will present “Advanced Revit Model Health Checks and Warnings Management” on the Data Governance Stage. This presentation, designed for BIM managers, BIM coordinators, and end users in charge of Revit models, will feature strategies and tactics for ensuring models are kept lean and in good health, including: 
    • The importance of addressing health concerns and performing regular health checks
    • Key areas to include in Revit model health checks
    • Features that can lead to poor model health
    • Warnings that can be critical to project projects and those that can be ignored
    • Visualizing health check data in Power BI
  • Event: BIM World Munich 2022
    Date: November 22 - 23, 2022
    Location: Munich, Germany
    Description: People from the D-A-CH (Germany, Austria, and Switzerland) region that work in the construction, real estate, and urban development industries attend this leading annual networking conference. Started in 2016, this year’s conference is expected to attract 8,000+ people who will have access to more than 200 exhibitors and 150 presentations. While at the event, be sure to stop by the Ideate Software booth to discuss your Revit challenges and Ideate Software solutions with Nick Johns, our UK/EMEA Territory Lead and Steve Deadman, our UK/EMEA Customer Success Manager.

Stay Informed

Ideate Software hosts frequent webinars and participates in webinars, events, user group meetings, and conferences at various locations around the world. To stay informed of our activities, please check out the Events section of our website. We update it regularly as we add new webinars hosted by us, by other companies that feature our Revit add-in solutions, virtual events, and in-person conferences.  

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