People from Ideate Software are once again packing suitcases, visiting customers, attending conferences, and enjoying discussions focusing on the value of our Revit add-in solutions!

Craig Dodge and Richard Taylor recently had the opportunity to travel all the way to Australia to attend the BILT ANZ conference located on the beautiful Australian Gold Coast.

Ideate Software at BILT ANZ
Richard Taylor and Craig Dodge at the BILT ANZ Conference on the Australian Gold Coast in November, 2022

Craig and Richard attended many excellent presentations and spoke with so many people from AECO firms about the value of implementing Ideate Software solutions for Revit. In addition, Richard conducted a lab session called Demystifying Datums and Scope Boxes within Revit on the Saturday of the conference.

The keynote speaker, Jeff Schwisow, focused on the importance of diversity, equity, and inclusion within the workplace, and it was the perfect tone to kick off the conference. His discussion aligns with an important core value of Ideate Software, and it was very much appreciated as a keynote conference topic.

Ideate Explorer - A Top Revit Add-inIdeate Explorer Included in Customer’s Presentation on Critical Revit Add-ins 

Monica Greco of Jazmax in New Zealand gave a presentation on the most critical Revit add-ins they use on a daily basis.

Ideate Explorer was prominently featured on several slides as a “must have” application for Jasmax.

Reconnecting In Person

Ideate Software and ModmationThis trip provided a great opportunity to visit some excellent Ideate Software customers in Brisbane, Australia. 

This is a picture of Richard Taylor from Ideate Software and Holger de Groot of Modmation. Modmation is a consultant within the Australian and New Zealand geography that has collaborated with Ideate Software many times, including:

It was a LONG way to travel from both the Pacific and Atlantic coasts of the USA, but it was certainly worth it to engage with our amazing and innovative customers within the Australian and New Zealand regions. The trip occurred during the US Thanksgiving Holiday, and we are certainly thankful for excellent customers and powerful software that can impact design, documentation, and construction all around the world.  

Stay tuned for more events around the world in 2023!