Don’t worry if you get Revit warnings stating that there are duplicate Mark values in your project. You can easily resolve them with Ideate Explorer.  Resolution is important, because in many cases, the Mark value is a required unique property per the BIM Execution Plan or COBie, and duplicate Mark values can create confusion during the construction or estimating phases.

Here are the steps to resolve the issue:

If it’s okay to have blank values in the Mark value field, you can delete the data:

  1. From the Warnings tab in Ideate Explorer, select the group of elements found within the single Warnings instance.
  2. From the Properties pallet, select the value for the mark or number. Hit “Delete” and “Apply.”
  3. Click “Refresh” and you are done!

If Mark values are required, you need to adjust the values:

  1. From the Warnings tab in Ideate Explorer, select each element from the Warnings group.
  2. Use the Properties pallet to edit the value to make it unique within the project.
  3. Repeat the process for each instance noted.
  4. Refresh throughout the process to mark your progress.

To see a demonstration of both methods, and to get additional information on how to do bulk editing, click on the screenshot below to view our short video, “Revit Warnings – RESOLVED! Duplicate Marks.”

Failure to manage the warnings in your Revit project could result in poor performance, slow synchronization times, or even file corruption. Use Ideate Explorer to keep warnings under control.

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