MEP engineering building information models present their own unique challenges to project navigation and auditing within the Revit environment. Ideate Explorer is here to help with both daily production tasks and project auditing tasks that are unique to MEP engineers.

For example, MEP engineers make extensive use of the Revit filter tool to control visibility, but with Ideate Explorer those same filters can be leveraged to dramatically enhance element selection within any view.  In the image below the Mechanical Supply Filter is being used in conjunction with the Level-based sort, making it easy to quickly view and select only the ducts and fittings that relate to the supply. 

Revit Filter Tool

Additionally, MEP Engineers can use the Ideate Query tool within Ideate Explorer to Review the Elevation Values to discover quickly if any of the elements have been assigned to the wrong elevation or offset or to sort the project data quickly by the Level or Phase settings.

Learn more about how MEP Engineers can make the most of Ideate Explorer in this short Ideate Explorer video

About the Author

Vasudha Dixit – MEP Application Specialist
Vasudha is an MEP Application Specialist at Ideate, Inc. based on San Francisco office. She has a Master’s degree in Energy Engineering from the University of Illinois at Chicago where she specialized in HVAC design, green buildings and energy analysis. Prior to Ideate, she interned at a few multinational companies where she performed finite element analysis for design validation of components. Vasudha provides Revit MEP training and support for various AEC firms.