Excitech, Ideate Software’s partner and exclusive distributor in the UK, teamed up with McBains, a leading property and construction consultant, to improve accuracy through effective data manipulation between Revit and site operations.

BIM is bringing collaboration into the heart of the construction industry. It’s helping to drive better outcomes through greater understanding of all parties where their part of the project picks up from and passes on to other parties in the project lifecycle. However, it is still subject to interpretation issues among some companies.

One of the strategic goals for the McBains team is to optimize the use of BIM between the design team and the construction site; providing consistent and accurate information. McBains was looking to use the BIM data in Revit in a specific aspect of construction. This was the incorporation of data from Revit into the advanced coordinate-based calculations of the total station in pile setting out.

The solution was using Ideate BIMLink to leverage coordinate data. In supporting coordinate workflows, Ideate BIMLink makes it easy to export points for use in the field by creating points within the building information model itself. Coordinate data can then be published within a schedule. The result is improved accuracy and a reduction on construction time. Without the use of Ideate BIMLink, McBains’ concrete contractors would spend significant time calculating the relative heights of the pilings, impacting the schedule and the level of accuracy. “BIMLink eliminates this effort by allowing us to take the data directly from the 3D model and bring it into the field with the use of a total station, which can read the coordinates,” said Montana Yeomans, BIM Manager, McBains.

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