We’re pleased to share how Ideate BIMLink helped Associated Architects meet client requirements for a validated data rich BIM model to be used in an iPad-based facilities management solution. This information is from a customer success story published by our partner, Excitech.

Associated Architects, a design-led architectural practice, turned to Excitech for guidance after being appointed by a leading university to design and deliver the first phase of a new campus development.

“This would entail vast amounts of data coming into the mix, and we needed to find out how to handle that efficiently and swiftly, making sure that data was consistent across all companies involved in the project,” said David Simpson, Associate and BIM Manager at Associated Architects.

Critical to the project’s success was the ability to avoid the errors and wasted time that can arise from double-handling of data, which often occurs when data installed for the facilities management model clashes with items supplied by subcontractors who are not familiar with BIM. To address these challenges, Excitech recommended Ideate BIMLink.

With Ideate BIMLink, Revit users push information into Microsoft Excel, where Revit users and non-Revit users review and edit. Then volumes of updated, precise, and validated BIM data is pulled back into the Revit model with speed, ease, and accuracy.

By using Ideate BIMLink, Associated Architects improved quality control by eliminating manual errors and reduced costs by speeding up user interaction with the master model without requiring Revit trained users or software. Here are the top five efficiencies they reported:

  1. Automation of tasks
  2. Simplicity
  3. Improved drawing management efficiencies
  4. Faster data manipulation
  5. Visibility

Read the Excitech - Associated Architects case study for more details.

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