It’s unanimous. The whole Ideate Software team agrees that AU 2022 was a terrific success.

“The week after AU, Ideate Software hosted a company-wide retreat in Hawaii and one of the topics of conversation was about the tremendous value of AU 2022,” said Richard Taylor, Technical Evangelist. “We talked about the discussions we had with hundreds of Revit users each day at our Ideate Software booth.”

  • Customers came by to learn about new features, thank us for implementing their feature requests, and talk about their current Revit challenges.
  • People aware of our products stopped by to discuss how our solutions can address their Revit challenges.
  • Those new to Ideate Software assumed correctly that the crowds at our booth meant they should stop by to see what we have to offer. 

Because our success is dependent on Revit users taking the time to explain workflow difficulties, we sincerely thank everyone who came by the Ideate Software booth. We also extend a special thank you to Brian Mackey of BD Mackey Consulting and Mark Schmieding of Goettsch Partners for not only visiting us at the booth, but also talking with other visitors about their experiences with Ideate Software tools and even providing some demonstrations!

“It was wonderful to connect with Revit users in person and to hear and feel the energy in the room,” said Glynnis Patterson, Director of Software Development. “I predict that so much human interaction will spur a period of great creativity.”

Here are a few pictures from the event:

Ideate Software Team and Brian Mackey 
Brian Mackey, owner of BD Mackey Consulting, back row right, along with the Ideate Software team
Front row, L-R: Qatanna Palioca, Nivin Nabeel, Glynnis Patterson, Bob Palioca
Back row, L-R: Moe Kress, Rahul Verma, Richard Taylor, Brian Mackey


Rahul Verma and Mark Schmeiding
Mark Schmieding, Director of Digital Practice, Goettsch Partners (right) with Rahul Verma from Ideate Software

Modulus Team
From Modulus Consulting, a partner of Ideate Software
L-R: Vira Kravtsova, Sara Troy, Maggie McDowell, Jesse Alvizar, Mitchell Durner


Richard Taylor Glynnis Patterson
Nivin Nabeel Bob Palioca
Rahul Verma Moe Kress
The Ideate Software team busy discussing and demonstrating our Revit add-in solutions throughout the conference.

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