We extend a big thank you to Aimee Molleken, Mechanical CAD Technician/IT Support Specialist at GLHN Architects & Engineers for letting us know how she and her team use Ideate Sticky, how much time they save and how that time-savings covered the cost of the software.  

Here’s what Aimee said:

“Ideate Sticky reduces the time we spend getting Excel schedules into Revit by a minimum of nine minutes per project per reload. It paid for itself in just one month.”

Before Ideate Sticky  “Our previous workaround for getting an Excel schedule into Revit was to print it to PDF, convert the PDF to an image and then bring the image into the sheet. The image quality was poor, the process took 10 minutes and it had to be done every time the schedules or calculations changed.”

With Ideate Sticky  “Using Ideate Sticky, the initial process takes less than one minute, updates take just a few seconds and the printed output looks identical to a Revit Schedule. That’s a minimum of a 9-minute savings per user per project per reload. With eight users, that brings the time savings to 72 minutes if each only uses it for one project. Based on standard billing rates and using Ideate Sticky to reload a schedule eight times on an average number of projects, our 25-pack license pays for itself in a month.”


Want to experience the time savings and quality improvements possible when using Ideate Sticky to connect non-BIM data from Excel, Word or PDF files into your Revit projects? Download a  free trial version today.