Access to coordinate data (XYZ) data was included in Ideate BIMLink for Revit 2013 just a few years ago, in large part to address some COBie-related requests. Since then we've heard of many other creative ways in which this data is being used downstream.

For reference, Ideate BIMLink provides a variety of coordinate data, depending upon the type of object. In this example the Structural Foundation link properties includes the Point_X, Point_Y, and Point_Z data (on the right) and additional coordinate data could be added via the drop-down list under the Coordinates category (shown circled). For Structural foundation elements there are also coordinates that indicate the start and end points for those wall-based foundations.

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Coordinate "point" data for Structural Foundations.[/caption] Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) managers were some of the first onboard with leveraging this newly exposed data, exporting wall, foundation and column data for construction coordination work. This was followed shortly thereafter by requests from architects who wanted to be able to identify key inflection points within complex curtain panel systems and from mechanical contractors who wanted to use total stations to located ductwork hangers.

One of the challenges of using the coordinate data with Ideate BIMLink is to report only the points you need. Yes, we can easily report the end points of the curtain wall segments or the insertion point of a pad footing, but what if we need the edge and not the centerline or what if we need all four corners of the footing?

This can be easily controlled by using a custom family that will act like a point node. By placing this family either at the specific locations within the project OR by nesting it within a family, we can use Ideate BIMLink to report only on the coordinates of the 'nodes'

 Edit Generic Models

Generic Model Family, Pad Footing

In this example we've made a small Generic Model family and embedded within our pad footing. Ideate BIMLink customers who want to give this method a try may contact us to request this sample coordinate 'node' family: [email protected]

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