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A nice question that came into our team concerned the ability to quality control dimensions within the Revit model. A customer asked if we could find all the overridden dimensions with one of our Ideate Software plugin solutions for Revit. In fact, we can review overridden dimensions in both Ideate BIMLink and Ideate Explorer.

The tool you choose might be dependent on the ultimate action you would like to take concerning the overridden dimension:

  • Included within Ideate BIMLink, we have a delivered a library link called QC-Dimensions. This link is setup to allow auditing for dimension overrides - this applies to single-segment dimensions only. You can also review and modify the Prefix, Suffix, and Value Override to make changes to a whole series of overridden dimensions.

    override dimensions - Ideate BIMLink plugin for Revit
    The QC-Dimensions library link, located under Quality Control, allows you to manipulate the Value Override, Prefix, and Suffix via Ideate BIMLink.
  • If you are looking to completely remove the dimension override, then Ideate Explorer might be the better tool. You can use Ideate Query to first find the overridden dimensions, and then you can double click on each overridden dimension to modify or remove the condition.

    Override Dimensions - Ideate Explorer plugin for Revit
    Select on the Dimension Category within Ideate Explorer and then use Ideate Query to select those dimensions that have been overridden within the model.

    Override Dimensions in Revit
    You can double-click on each Overridden Dimension and then use Revit to toggle back to the actual value.

Please review this online Help topic for the specific steps for using Ideate Query to discover overridden dimensions as well as additional Ideate Query workflow examples.

You can also review this 1-minute video on Cleaning up Text and Dimensions with Ideate Explorer. It’s tip #8 within a detailed list of 10 auditing tips for Ideate Explorer.

Now, overridden dimensions don’t need to be a source of frustration within your Revit model.

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