This blog usually highlights Ideate Software solutions for Revit workflows. Behind our software is a dedicated team of engineers that focuses on delivering solutions that help our clients’ entire BIM teams manage their BIM data. Often, engineers are unsung heroes in the background. We regularly acknowledge and recognize our engineers internally. Today, we are pleased to publicly acknowledge their contributions by sharing a compliment we received from a client.

Phyllis Robbins, design applications manager: associate, Eppstein Uhen Architects, let us know that she and her team presented the Ideate Software Revit plug-ins at a recent internal EUA users group. She acknowledged the quality of the Ideate Software engineering team that writes and tests our code, saying, “Elegant programming is rare and we truly appreciate what you and your team have been able to do. Be sure to tell the troops hiding in the dark room in front of a computer screen that we value their efforts.” She continued, “We truly admire the overall quality of the product we use from Ideate.”

Here they are — the Ideate Software dedicated engineering team. 

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​Left to right: Alex Souza, software developer; Hank DiVincenzo, senior software engineer;
Jesika DiGregorio, software engineer; Ben Bishoff, senior software engineer
This team, led by Glynnis Patterson, director - software development, is based out of our Portland office and they have combined degrees in Architecture, Computer Engineering, Computer Science, and Physics. Each brings unique knowledge, skills, and experiences that together enable them to address challenges from multiple viewpoints and develop thorough and practical solutions. “By offering a collaborative environment in which each person is encouraged to share and test ideas, we have created a team—a real team—that works together, having fun while building Revit add-ins that help customers get the most out of their Autodesk Revit software,” said Glynnis.