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Take five minutes today and learn how to find anything in your Revit model with Ideate Query.  

Projects are often cluttered with schedules whose sole purpose is to find elements. Use Ideate Query to find what you need without creating a schedule. Additionally, Ideate Query lets you find important properties that are not available through the Schedule tool within Revit. This means that you’ll have superior searching and editing capabilities within the building information model.  

With Ideate Query you can select all elements that are assigned to a certain size, Mark, or any custom parameter. You can also use Ideate Query to find Sheets based upon their Revision/Issuance numbers, or even review all the elements that are modeled as in-place families.

Revit, Scope Box, Ideate Explorer, Ideate Query
Ideate Query can dig into Grids to find those assigned not assigned to a Scope Box.

If you’re wondering where to find Ideate Query, look no further than the latest update to Ideate Explorer. Ideate Explorer has always been a great way to find elements in your Revit project and now with Ideate Query you can dig deeper to find, select and edit elements based on their custom parameter values.

Revit, Ideate Explorer, Ideate Query, search by parameter
Ideate Query is part of Ideate Explorer for Revit.

You can learn more about how to use Ideate Query in our Help Files. In addition to our general purpose examples, you’ll also find discipline-specific workflows for architecture, MEP engineering, and structural engineering.

Existing Ideate Explorer customers can access Ideate Query in the latest version of Ideate Explorer. From the Help menu, select the “Check for Updates” option, or download the Trial.

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