Sash Kazeminejad, Ideate Software Customer Success Manager, recently had an inquiry from a customer regarding wall location lines. The issue at hand was how to create a Revit filter based on the wall location line, so walls on the incorrect location line could be selected and moved to the correct location line. Unfortunately, Revit filters are extremely limited in terms of parameter exposure, which limits filter creation options.

Fortunately, there is a very easy way to filter walls based on the wall location line, and that’s with the Query function inside Ideate Explorer. If you are not familiar with this feature, read this post to gain an understanding of how powerful it is.

Query gives users the ability to take a selection of elements and further distill the selection by up to three parameters. The Query function exposes Revit parameters far beyond what you can see in a Revit model. These parameters include whether a selection has flipped and mirrored conditions, are in-place families, are coordinate data, and so forth. Once you select up to three parameters, you can distill your selection down to the granular level and further investigate from there.

Here is the example of how to take a selection of walls and filter them by wall location lines:

  1. Use Ideate Explorer to select the walls you want to Query, then select the Query button.


  1. Confirm the wall category selection (1), search for the wall location parameter (2), select the location line parameter (3), select the wall location line you want to further investigate (4), and select the walls using the Select button (5).

  1. After the selection is complete, you can isolate the selection in a 3D view if you choose. From there, you can change the wall location line in the Properties dialog box to one that is appropriate for your conditions.

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About the Author

Sash Kazeminejad - AIA, LEED AP, BCI, BCC - Customer Success Manager
Sash earned his Master of Architecture from Montana State University and is a California registered architect, LEED Accredited Professional, and a Bluebeam Certified Instructor. He has extensive experience in project management; BIM management; design for architectural firms in California, Montana, and Oregon; and leading classroom and online BIM training. He provides consulting, sales, support, and training solutions to AECO customers around the globe. Find Sash on LinkedIn.