This is the third post in a series of three provided by BIMAGE Consulting, our value-added reseller in Singapore, about how companies in that country use Ideate Software products to comply with BCA BIM e-submission requirements. Read the first post, which was about IdeateApps, and the second post, which was about Ideate BIMLink. 

Established in 2010, BIMAGE is the leading technology company in BIM/VDC and Digitized Construction within Singapore. BIMAGE helps customers optimize design development, construction and operation phases of buildings and infrastructure while using various technologies, including Revit and Ideate Software tools plus other BIM software such as virtual design and construction, augmented reality/virtual reality, geographic information systems, cloud, mobile and more.

The Challenge – Complying with Varying E-Submission Requirements

As required by the Singapore Building and Construction Authority (BCA), design consultants submit their native BIM models for new developments with a gross floor area of more than 5,000 square meters through an e-submission system. They must obtain approval from seven different authorities before commencing the construction work for any project, and all the authorities have different criteria and requirements. 

To prepare their BIM models for submission, design consultants often spend a great amount of time creating multiple views and sheets for the regulatory agencies. While duplicating and modifying the views and sheets, they must follow various naming conventions and standards, and they often spend a lot of time performing extensive quality checks. 

 Screenshot of e-submission page showing the many links to instructions and forms by discipline

Ideate Software Solutions

Ideate Software provides several applications to aid consultants in performing quality checks of BIM models before submission:

  • Ideate Explorer efficiently manages and audits Revit models using a browsable object tree that enables fast search and query, select and edit, replace or delete, warnings management, and model clean-up. 
  • Ideate StyleManager  analyzes styles and can delete non-standard styles or merge them with e-submission approved styles in order to reduce documentation errors.
  • Ideate Sticky is used to directly display information required for submission on Revit sheets by linking Excel, Word or PDF documents as schedules or images. 

These tools help the consultants achieve the desired quality while saving a great amount of time and effort spent on auditing and correcting the models.

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