Failure to manage the health of your Revit project could result in poor performance, slow synchronization times, and model crashes, which can lead to delays, file corruption, and missed deadlines.

Keeping your Revit model healthy is essential to any successful project. A healthy model will prevent crashes from happening, ensure all the correct data is contained within the model, and be efficient and productive to work on.

Using Ideate BIMLink, you can set up a comprehensive Revit model health check and publish to a single Excel file with relevant information about the health of the selected Revit model.

How can I use Ideate BIMLink to perform a health check?

Ideate BIMLink is delivered with many health check link definitions that can be exported from the Revit model. Each link can be exported to the same Excel file to build a comprehensive health check.

Health Check Link Definitions that Ship with Ideate BIMLink
Health check link definitions that ship with Ideate BIMLink.

Each link definition has a description to show exactly what the link contains.

Decriptions show exactly what the links contain 

The link definitions can be exported one by one to the same Excel file.

Resulting Excel Spreadsheet with Tabs
The resulting Excel file has a separate tab for each exported Ideate BIMLink health check link definition.

Once the Excel has been created, it can be formatted using Pivot tables and macros to display the information more efficiently. Or the data can be pushed into Power BI to create a more visual interpretation.

For more details see the Help file.

Ideate Automation

If you need to create health check reports on a regular basis, the process can be automated by using Ideate Automation. For more information see our Ideate Automation webpage and our Help file, How to Create a Health Check Report with Ideate Automation.

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