This year has been like no other, at least in recent history. Community and community engagements have been redefined and many of us had to adapt to a new way of networking, making new connections and working.

Here at Ideate Software, we decided to see these challenges as opportunities. As a community of BIM professionals, marketing and IT specialists spread across two lands (Americas and the United Kingdom), we have practiced the ‘art and science’ of working remotely for a good number of years. However, in 2020, meeting face-to-face was no longer an option even for staff in close proximity. So we decided to hop online.

Having a Coffee and a Chat 4,000 Miles Apart

Each Friday, we have online informal calls with all staff members that want to join. Some of them are an ocean away. Thanks to online meeting programs, distance is no issue and neither is talking face to face.
These calls are our way of staying in contact and learning more about each other. We actually got to know each other better during these few months than before.

Coffee Meetings

The topics we address range from childhood memories, favourite shows/movies, best pieces of advice received and so on. Nothing work-related but that’s the whole point. Sometimes, we need these times so we can work better throughout the week.

Keeping Close to Customers and the Wider Community

We apply the same principle to our customers, prospects and the wider global BIM community. Staying in touch with our industry peers and supporting the industry during these difficult times is important to us.

As a result of our commitment to our community, we have become a Supporting Partner of Data Day and DTS, a DBEI Insight Knowledge Partner and an Autodesk University Gold Sponsor. We have also co-hosted webinars with BIM consultant Brian Mackey and the Design Technology Team at ZGF Architects. 

All these interactions enrich us and we’ll continue to stay connected though apart.

May we encourage you to do the same and stay in contact with us, your colleagues and the BIM community at large. We look forward to hearing from you at [email protected]. Best wishes!