While hosting the Ideate, Inc. June Bluebeam Revu webinar, David Haynes, Bluebeam Certified Consultant, and Sash Kazeminejad, Bluebeam Certified Trainer, answered questions from attendees. Below are some that other Revu users may find helpful. Go to Collaborating in a BIM World with Bluebeam Revu to see a recording of the entire webinar.

Q. Is it possible to input markups into a Studio Session?
A. No, it is not possible.

Q. Regarding the Responsibility Custom column, can only the original author manipulate it, or can others manipulate it as well?
A. If someone creates a Custom Column and you are not in a Studio Session, anyone can fill in the data. If you are in a Studio session, the person who creates a comment owns that comment, and therefore others cannot make changes. 

Q. Can the ability to comment be restricted by person?
A. No, everyone in the session has the ability to comment and edit. It is important that everyone understand and adhere to “markup etiquette.”

Q. Can multiple users create comments on or edit the same document concurrently?
A. Yes, if multiple documents are added to a Studio Session and people are invited and have permission to make comments on those documents, then they can create comments and edit simultaneously. However, you cannot delete a comment that someone else posts.

Q. What happens if someone loses or doesn’t have internet access?
A. If someone makes markups while they are not connected to the Internet, the markups will be loaded as soon as the connection is restored.

Q. Can someone import multiple pages of markups from one PDF to another with a single command, or does it have to be one sheet at a time?
A. You can import multiple comments at once, as long as the documents line up. 

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David Haynes, Director
David is a Certified Bluebeam Consultant, a registered architect, and a project management certified professional. Before joining Ideate, David had his own architectural practice and was president of a commercial design-build construction company for 15 years. A graduate of the University of Arizona, he has worked as an architect, contractor, and developer, and he was a national construction manager for a national retailer. David currently provides business process analysis, data integration, and change management solutions for AECO clients involved in the design and construction industry across the United States. Find David on Twitter