Want to hear what three BIM experts have to say about Ideate Software tools? Tune in to the April 28, 2020 episode of BIMThoughts from their website or their new YouTube channel. You’ll hear a deep dive discussion into Ideate Software tools, and in particular, Ideate StyleManager, by:

  • Bill Debevc – BIMThoughts founder and AEC software expert with 29+ years of experience using, supporting and customizing AutoCAD and Revit software
  • Carl Storms – Technical Solutions Lead at BIM Track with 20+ years of AEC experience, including 10 years of teaching at the collegiate and industry level. Read his blog, The BIMSider
  • Dana De Filippi – BIM Technologist at SmithGroup with almost a decade of experience in base building architecture, including developing advanced workflows using Revit

The three panelists provide an entertaining, 30-minute overview of how they and their teams use Ideate StyleManager to analyze the styles in their models, delete styles, batch merge styles, and more.  
Here are a few quotes from the podcast:

  • “Ideate has been able to break the borders in a lot of the things that Revit can’t do.”
  • “Reach out to our friends at Ideate to get some free trials and you will be sold, just as we are, with every single one of their tools.” 
  • “Ideate Software’s fit and finish is second to none.” 

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