Take a listen to the recording of the E2017 episode of BIMThoughts podcast for a conversation between hosts Bill Debevc, Carl Storms, and Dana De Filippi with Ideate Software’s Richard Taylor and Sash Kazeminejad. You’ll hear a fun and informative discussion on the history of BIM, predictions of the future, and most importantly, the new features in Ideate Sticky, the application that allows Revit users to link non-BIM data such as Word, Excel and PDF documents into Revit projects. 

Richard, who has worked with Revit software for 20 years, talked about groundbreaking technology of yesteryear and his prediction that several pieces of software will collectively evolve the ecosystem over the next few years. He noted that BIM is not just Revit, and there is a wealth of additional software that AEC professionals can use. Generative Design and Computational Design are the industry hot topics right now, but AEC professionals should review tools like Ideate Software to maximize their investment in BIM. Dana commented, “Ideate is probably pretty responsible for a lot of people not learning computation or Dynamo as early as they should have, because your tools are so awesome and they do so many things that maybe we would have looked to Dynamo for if we hadn’t had them.”

BIMThoughts Podcast

When the conversation moved to Ideate Software tools, Sash talked about the recent updates to Ideate Sticky. “I was most excited about this update because it went through a major overhaul. Based on feature requests from many customers, we now support the use of Word, PDF and Excel as images.” Prior versions of Ideate Sticky only supported Excel spreadsheets as Revit Schedules. With the most recent improvements to Ideate Sticky, we have now covered the major formats that people use outside of Revit.

Check out the 40-minute podcast to hear the conversation, which ends with Sash’s bonus content talk about coffee.

You can also watch this five-minute video to learn about the May 2020 updates to Ideate Sticky.