Autodesk University 2020 was the first AU session that delivered insights in keynote, class and Q&A formats to a global audience completely online. As the Gold Sponsor of the conference, we joined the BIM community in this week-long learning experience and brought our contribution to the knowledge-sharing that it entailed.

Our class, Revit Productivity Discussions by Ideate Software, featured a selection of AEC professionals who shared their experiences with our Revit productivity tools and related practices adopted by their firms. This class was followed by a live Q&A session delivered on Thursday, November 19th, during which we answered questions from attendees. The Q&A session has been recorded and is accessible via the same link. Please click the “Watch” button to view it. Note: You have to be registered for AU in order to gain access. 

During the session, the Ideate Software team of Richard Taylor, Technical Evangelist, Sash Kazeminejad, Customer Success Manger and Glynnis Patterson, Director of Software Development, joined together to answer questions and have an informal question and answer session based on information presented within the recorded class video.

Richard said, “We had many excellent questions from both customers and prospects during the Q&A session. We answered most of the questions and showed how our Revit applications can increase productivity and efficiency across a wide spectrum of AECO firms. We expanded on some of the central topics that were raised within the class video by AECO firms that use Ideate Software solutions to reduce wasted time, increase the efficiency of difficult tasks and greatly improve the health of their Revit models. It was a fun, lively and informal session that went by all too quickly.

Our booth is still live and will remain accessible until December 18th.

Many thanks to those who interacted with us during the event in one form or another. Connecting with customers, prospects and industry professionals at large has been particularly important to us this year. We continue to be delighted by the questions, feedback and responses we get from you all, through whatever channel you choose to reach out to us. 

Whether you are new or well-acquainted with us, browse our website for Revit and BIM productivity inspiration. We offer a plethora of videos, Help files and blog articles to get your Revit data creative juices going.