Like us, others are exploring the many improvements included in Revit version 2024. One enhancement getting a lot of attention is the new project templates. Autodesk is touting it as a key improvement, and Nicolas Catellier ranked the change #3 in his RevitPure blog post, Top 20 Best New Features in Revit 2024, and he said, “The templates have been reworked to include more ‘best practice’ features. Instead of 1 template per discipline, they have been merged into one super multi-discipline template.”

We agree that the new templates are a very nice improvement, and we are proud to see that Ideate BIMLink played a role!

If you have Ideate BIMLink installed, and you want to test drive the new Revit template with embedded link definitions:

  1. Start Revit 2024
  2. Select File>New
  3. Pick one of the two new templates
  4. Select Ideate Software>BIMLink

The five pre-loaded templates, shown in yellow in the image, are the ones included with the Autodesk out-of-the-box template. 

A good template is built with clean and accurate standards. Ideate BIMLink is a Revit add-in that makes the process fast and easy. We are thrilled that Autodesk trusted it when updating the templates to make starting projects and developing templates easier than ever. We recommend reviewing your own custom templates and consider adding your own must-have link definitions.