A clean Revit file can save you, your team, and your company time and money. With Ideate Explorer, auditing your Revit project is fast and easy. In about 10 minutes, you can check and fix the following 10 items. We recommend that you complete these tasks once a week to avoid the headaches that come from the need to troubleshoot problematic Revit files.

Top 10 areas to audit weekly:

  1. Unwanted imports – Search through all CAD Links & CAD Imports—even those that are not visible, double check for accuracy, and delete unneeded elements or files.
  2. Worksets – View the project by the “Workset,” sort criteria to find elements that have been misplaced, and reassign them to the proper workset.
  3. Groups –  Keep an eye on the team’s usage of detail and model groups to make sure they are in compliance with office standards.
  4. Grids, Levels, and Reference Planes – Quickly find and delete unapproved grids, levels, and reference planes. Quickly find elements that may be on the wrong level and correct them
  5. Views – Scan View References and Viewports, zoom into any that need further analysis, and purge any that are extraneous.
  6. Naming Standards – Run through the list of Names to find outliers, and easily edit them.
  7. Text and Dimensions – Scan for non-standard text styles and dimensions, replace them with approved styles, and delete the non-standard styles.
  8. Keynotes and Revisions – Ensure elements are properly utilized and eliminate downstream liability issues by correcting misplaced or misused Keynotes or Revisions.
  9. Model/Detail Lines – Find and correct excessive Detail Lines that indicate an exploded import, Model Lines that can cause plotting issues, and irregular Names that don’t comply with company standards.
  10. Element Count – Quickly scan Elements Counts by category to find those that look particularly high or low, correct any that need attention.

Watch this Ideate Explorer online class for detailed steps on conducting Revit project audits.

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