Global Scale, Local Dedication

WSP LogoWith a unique combination of infrastructure expertise and management consulting leadership, the engineers, planners, technical experts, strategic advisors, and construction management professionals at WSP design lasting solutions in the buildings, transportation, energy, water and environment sectors.

WSP ProjectIncreased Effectiveness through Collaboration

Leveraging its network of 36,000 people in 500 offices across 40 countries, WSP offers the personalized services of a specialist firm and the ability to undertake complex projects. Its culture is one of collaboration, where its staff works together and with clients, consultants, and contractors to ensure the greatest level of effectiveness.

Increased Effectiveness with Leading Software

To support the design of large and complex projects, WSP uses the most advanced tools on the market, including Autodesk® Revit® software. To help manage the massive  amounts of data in their Revit models, WSP uses Ideate BIMLink, a Revit add-in solution developed by Ideate Software.

BIMLink speeds Revit model management, reduces the chance of manual errors, and prevents on-site delays by enabling users to move data from a Revit model into a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. From there, Revit and non-Revit users can take full advantage of the ease and power of Excel’s reviewing and editing capabilities, and then push the updated data back into their Revit models.

Structural engineers at WSP leverage Ideate BIMLink to tie together analysis programs such as RAM Structural System with Revit, enabling seamless and nearly-instant transfer of design information into 3D BIM documentation. This dramatically reduces turnaround time for design changes, enabling WSP to delight architects and contractors while simultaneously providing higher quality drawings.

Featured WSP project: Hanking Center, Shenzhen.
Credit: Morphosis Architects

Employees Focus on Interesting, Valuable Activities

By using Ideate BIMLink, WSP frees its employees from tedious manual data entry work, enabling them to focus on more interesting and valuable activities.

Joseph Fiorello, Principal, Technical Specialist at WSP says that “by using best-in-class tools such as Ideate BIMLink, our engineers eliminate drudgery and free their time to anticipate trends, propose innovative ideas, look at complex problems from different angles, and find solutions that delight our clients.”

Together, Revit and Ideate BIMLink help WSP attract the best people and enable them solve problems that shape the communities of tomorrow.

WSP Project

Featured WSP project: Institute of Environmental Sustainability, Loyola University.
Credit: Solomon Cordwell Buenz Dave Burk Hedrich Blessing

About Ideate Software

Ideate Software allows Revit users to have unprecedented control over their data and solve persistent problems in architecture, engineering, construction, and owner (AECO) workflows. Ideate Software solutions enable Revit users to save time, increase accuracy, improve project deliverables, and elevate design.