Create New Revisions

New Revision sequences can be created by adding a NEW value in the Id column within an Excel file that has been created from the sample link called Revisions.  This is similar to other methods for creating new elements, such as new Rooms.  This is an excellent way to synchronize revision data across linked files.

Review the Revision Sequences in the Parent File

  1. Use Revit and open a project. For projects with linked files, choose the file that represents the primary source of the revision data for the project.
  2. From the View tab in Revit, select the Revision button from the Sheet Composition panel.

Revit Revisions

  1. Review all Revision sequences and note that any sequence that has been issued, as shown, will not be editable. If appropriate, uncheck the “Issued” checkbox before using Ideate BIMLink. Fields that will be editable for Revisions that are not Issued are: Date, Description, Issued, Issued to, and Issued by. 

Change the Issued setting for Revisions

Edit the Revision Data in the Parent File

  1. Launch Ideate BIMLink.
  2. Select the Load Sample button.
  3. Select the built-in link called “Revisions” from the list of samples.
  4. After reviewing the Properties, select OK to return to the main dialog.
  5. Select Export to save the results to Excel, then open the Excel file.
  6. Edit any of the data within a cell that is white. Remember, only un-issued Revisions can be edited. Due to the nature of the Issued property, it is not recommended that you edit this property if you are also trying to edit other properties from the same sequence.
  7. Save the Excel changes and then select the Import button in Ideate BIMLink to complete the changes.
  8. If you made a change to the “Issued”, you should either use Ideate BIMLink again, to now edit only this property, or manually re-set the property via the Revision button in Revit.

Copy Revision Data to a Linked File

Now that the Revision data is setup to your standards, this same data can be used to create matching data in another file. This can be useful across disciplines for enhanced collaboration. In the instructions below, the assumption is that the Revision sequences have not yet been setup.

  1. Open another Revit project file into which you’d like to mirror the Revision sequences defined within the original ‘parent’ file.
  2. Launch Ideate BIMLink.
  3. Select the Load Sample button.
  4. Select the built-in link called “Revisions” from the list of samples.
  5. After reviewing the Properties, select OK to return to the main dialog.
  6. Select Export to save the results to a new Excel file, then open that file.
  7. Copy the Excel data from the original file to the new file as shown. Do not copy the data from Column A, B, or C.
  8. In Column A, write the word “NEW” for each new Revision sequence to be created within this second Revit project file. The values for Column B and C will be automatically setup by Revit during the import process.
  9. Save the Excel changes and then select the Import button in Ideate BIMLink to complete the changes.

Match Revit Revisions across Linked Files

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