Virtualized Environment Detected

Starting with the May 2020 Release all Ideate software Standalone licenses allow Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) access for all supported Revit versions (2018+).

If you are seeing this error, you are most likely running an outdated version of Ideate Software. Visit the download page to see if a version 2021 or later for your product is available.

If you are unable to update to the latest release due to company policy, accessing your computer via Chrome Remote Desktop, Team Viewer or possibly other similar services will allow you to use your current licensed software. 


If you are using Citrix or VMWare virtualization and the license status shows “Virtualized Environment Detected”, this is an indication that you are using the software in an environment not allowed per the terms of the Software License Agreement.  

The network licenses of Ideate Software support this type of usage, please consider upgrading to a network license if your organization requires access to workstations this way.

Contact [email protected] to request a quote for a network version of Ideate Software.


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