Virtualized Environment Detected

Activation and use of software via remote access (including RDP) is not allowed and will result in the ‘Virtualized Environment Detected’ error. This includes trial usage as well.

If you are unable to activate an Ideate Software for Revit standalone license, and the license status shows “Virtualized Environment Detected”, this is an indication that you are using the software in a virtualized environment which is not allowed per the terms of the Software License Agreement.  

The network licenses of Ideate Software support this type of usage, consider upgrading to a network license if your organization requires shared or remote access to workstations.

Contact to request a quote for a network version of Ideate Software.

Note for system admins: A standalone license on a computer is locked to the Windows account that is used to activate it. When deploying standalone licenses to end user systems, DO NOT activate the software under your system admin account. Use the end user’s own account, or let the end user complete the activation process. Duet to this limitation, sharing or using a standalone license between Windows user accounts on a single computer is not supported.

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