Cloud Network License Usage Monitoring

The License Usage dialog provides a real-time data on how many cloud network licenses are in use and who are the users.

In addition, the License Ownership list also displays past usage dates and usernames for the last rolling 30 day period. All Ideate Software released in September 2020 or later includes this ability.

To view your Cloud Network license usage:

  1. Open the Ideate Software product from within Revit.
  2. From the Ideate Software product, select Manage License from the Help menu.
  3. Pick the ‘Status Inquiry’ button located towards the bottom right of the dialog
  4. Wait for the list to populate:

Please note that all displayed data is view-only, no edits are possible in this dialog.


An overview of the current license, including the active license code, usage and expiration date. “Behavior: Floating” indicates that this is a Cloud Network license.

License Ownership

Name: The Autodesk (Revit) username

Lease Last Date: When was this license last used

Deactivated: When blank, the license is still in use. Otherwise indicates when the license has returned to the cloud

Computer Id: A unique identifier of the PC accessing the license, only useful for troubleshooting.

If you have any questions about this dialog or the displayed data, please contact [email protected].


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