Network Licensing FAQ


Will installing Ideate Software for Revit as a network service interrupt the existing Autodesk licensing service?

No. A new service for the Ideate Software will be created and run side-by-side with any existing FlexLM daemon. Any existing services, such as Autodesk Revit (adskflex.exe), will not be interrupted by this process. See more here.

Can I open multiple year versions using the same license?

Opening multiple year versions of Ideate Software will consume multiple seats of network license (i.e. Ideate BIMLink 2018 & 2019 = 2 network seats consumed). This mirrors the behavior of network licensed Revit and Autodesk Suites.

Does Ideate Software support distributed and redundant server models?

Ideate Software supports a distributed license model, but does not support a redundant license model. If you are currently using a redundant server model for an existing license service, contact to discuss your options.

Does Ideate Software support IPv6?

Ideate Software is supported on the combined IPv4/6 version of LMTools. This will run on both IPv4 and 6 networks. Learn more about Configuring the Ideate License Service.

What’s the licensing software implemented within Ideate Software?

Ideate Software is utilizing Flexera’s FlexLM to manage network licensing. This is the same technology currently used by Autodesk Revit network licensing. 

Will it work in a virtualized environment?

The network licensing for Ideate Software has been designed and tested in many virtualized environments. Due to the variety of technologies available for virtualized environments we recommend contacting for assistance with validating your unique setup.

What if I need to go offsite or work from home with the software? 

You can borrow a license from the pool for up to 6 months. Please note that you must borrow one for each product and corresponding year version you are expecting to use. See more here.

What are the system requirements for the server side? 

The system requirements for the server installation of Ideate Software mirror the FlexLM requirements with the exception that for Ideate Software we support 64 bit Windows operating systems only. The license manager itself is a lightweight application that consumes very little system resources.If you do not have a server that meets these requirements, contact for more information.

Can I use the networked Ideate Software in conjunction with Autodesk standalone licenses?

Yes, you can use networked Ideate Software with Autodesk standalone licenses. Installation of the FlexLM program from either the Autodesk website or from your Revit installation media will be required prior to proceeding with the Ideate setup.

Which versions of Ideate Software are supported for network licensing?

Ideate Software network licensing is supported for all Subscription products and versions of Ideate Software.

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